Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs | PDF Workbook by The Glow Collective


If you accept a limiting belief, it will become a truth for you.

Limiting beliefs limit what you believe is possible for yourself, how you feel about yourself, and what you will allow into your life. When you have self-limiting beliefs, they act as a blocker against amazing things that want to show up in your life. They also hold you back from taking action to become your highest, best self.

The majority of people on the planet do not recognise that they have limiting beliefs, and are unwittingly letting their life be run by their subconscious mind.
The fact that you are here, bringing light to these beliefs so that you can work through them and OWN your life, is SO incredible.

What's inside?

This workbook consists of 9 pages of high-value worksheets, which will first guide you on identifying your limiting beliefs by exploring where you feel stuck or dissatisfied in your life, and by pinpointing your emotional triggers. You will then match your findings to a checklist of 30 limiting beliefs related to personality, appearance, lifestyle, achievement etc.
You will work through each limiting belief - gaining a deeper understanding of how it is impacting your life and what blockers are stopping you moving forward.
Finally, you will create new beliefs that positively serve and support you, and discover behaviours which will reinforce them - until they become a deep truth for you. 


I also share the set of belief affirmations I created and referred to everyday to drive success with Wild Peach and create massive shifts in my personal life.

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