What you can do:

- Take care of how you wash your clothes:
Follow label instructions
Wash on cold (30°)- a short, cool cycle will help preserve fabric dye and fibers
Handwash delicate or printed items
Avoid using a dryer if possible as it reduces the longevity of your clothes
Use an eco-friendly laundry detergent like Ecover

- Wear on repeat

- Recycle or donate your clothes instead of throwing them away. Search 'clothes bin near me' for your local recycling point. 

- Resell your clothes on marketplace apps like Depop to increase their life span and give them a new loving home. You can also save our packaging to reuse when you ship items you've sold online.

- Know what philosophies and brand values you are supporting through your purchases, and give feedback to brands on how they can do better - we appreciate it as we constantly need to educate ourselves on sustainability and find ways to improve over time.