ORDER now, pay later with klarna

Klarna is a new way to check out that lets you buy now and pay later.

Klarna Pay Later gives you 30 days to pay once your order has been shipped. No fees, no interest!

Please note, your credit score will be affected if you don't pay Klarna for your order.

Benefits of Klarna

  • Your order is shipped straight away
  • Try on your items and only pay for the ones you keep
  • Pay for your order 30 days after it's been shipped. No fees, no interest.
  • Klarna will send you a payment reminder

Who are Klarna?

Klarna provide seamless payment solutions for more than 100,000 online stores, and are trusted by 60 million consumers. WOW.

Can anyone use pay later?

You must be at least 18, and Pay Later acceptance will also depend on factors including your previous credit history and a soft credit check. This will not affect your credit rating.

manage my klarna account

You can review your orders anytime by logging into Klarna.com.
If you need assistance, contact Klarna's customer service.
Be sure to make payments on time, as not doing so may harm your credit rating.





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