At Wild Peach, you'll find us taking an increasingly sustainable approach.

At the moment, we do really well with choosing more durable clothing, both in terms of fabric thickness/quality and choosing styles that are more timeless and likely to stay on-trend. We are well reviewed for our product quality and aren't one's for following a quick fad with products made from low quality, thin fabrics. We only want the best for the WP Family! 

Our product turnaround is also much slower thanks to this approach and we only introduce a new product if it ticks these boxes and we really love it.

We are gradually introducing more and more styles made from 100% materials which are more easily recyclable, and have set sustainability goals for our business that we are gradually making progress towards.

Our packaging has also been designed to be both 100% recyclable and reusable as unfortunately clothing polybags often end up in landfill despite recycling efforts. We encourage our customers to keep and reuse their bags - you can see how further down.

We are currently designing and manufacturing a sustainable collection with clothes made from organic cotton.

Reuse Your Packaging

You can recycle our mailing bags, cardboard swing tags and the polybags your clothes arrive in.

We would like to encourage you to please keep and reuse your polybags. They are strong, attractive and durable, which makes them perfect for lots of uses!

Reuse your bags for:

A travel wash bag
To put your gym kit in
As a bag within a bag (for tampons, lip balm + other essentials)
For transporting shoes
To store dirty laundry when you are away from home
Tea bags
To organise miscellaneous items in your draws
To protect your fancy clothes
For a wet umbrella

As always, we welcome your feedback on suggestions on how we can keep doing better - we know how knowledgeable and value-focused our community is! Feel free to email us at with your ideas and we will happily take them on board.

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