Like you, we are becoming more and more conscious of our impact on mother earth. We need to do what it takes to protect her!
So, it feels important to us that we share our efforts to be an increasingly sustainable fashion brand, whilst being fully transparent about areas where we have room for improvement. This is a journey for all of us to do better and be better.
It is key that Wild Peach does things the right way, not just the way the industry has always done things. 

We will use this space to share our progress and learnings with you. 

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We have the best intentions and will be making gradual improvements along our growth journey. We celebrate that customers are becoming more conscious of their purchasing decisions as this will only serve to put pressure on all fashion brands to be more sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly!

Please understand that we are a young brand and not perfect yet - it really helps us when you reach out with your ideas and suggestions on how we can continue to improve.
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Our Goals for 2021

 - Increase the number of styles we hold that are made from organic and 100% materials e.g. 100% organic cotton as these can be recycled more easily.

- Commit to doing an annual factory tour to ensure the continuity of ethical production.





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