let's talk sustainability

Our strategy champions baby steps + progress over perfection.


Where we are, right now


We do really well with choosing durable clothing, both in terms of fabric thickness and quality, and choosing styles that are more timeless and likely to stay on-trend. Our product turnaround is also much slower thanks to this approach.

Improving Materials

We are gradually introducing more and more styles made from 100% materials which are more easily recyclable end-of-life, and will be stocking organic cotton products onsite soon. 

Recycling + Reusing

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable. Our clothes polybags have been designed for reuse as unfortunately polybags often end up in landfill despite recycling efforts.

We are well-known for the quality of our clothing. Check the reviews section of our products!

Where We're Going

Sustainable Marketplace

Milestone One #ComingSoon

We are creating a new channel to fuel the growth of early stage, sustainable and women-owned brands.

The plan is to use our platform to: uplift, make visible and promote.

We aim to champion collaboration over competition by forming an epic community where we can share ideas and make progress together, faster.

As a collective, we supercharge our power to drive real change in the fashion industry.

Education Hub

Milestone Two

You're on it!
Here you'll learn what we are doing, where we're going and find plenty of resources on sustainability, what you can do and more.

We will be building out our education hub gradually and using this space to spotlight companies that are doing things differently.

Advocating For Women

Milestone Three

Women empowerment has always been extremely important to us, and we will never quit championing progress for women.

We are actively exploring partnerships with charities that are working to improve the fashion industry for women, and toying with ideas on how we can divert sufficient funds their way through our Wild Collective platform.

Transparency + Connection

Milestone Four

We plan to openly share our sustainability journey to show you what gradual progress looks like, and to signal to other brands that it's ok to not be perfect straight away.

We hope to inspire you and form better connections by sharing these insights and behind the scenes snippets! 

Are you an early-stage, sustainable brand?

Or Know Of One?


Reuse Ideas


How To Care For Your Clothes