We prevent overproduction by:

- Procuring an initial small quantity of a style to test its popularity, before manufacturing at greater volumes to avoid waste (this is why you often see the Preorder option on our website, and why our sale section is really small)
- Generally keeping our collections small and curated

We produce great quality products at fair prices.

We pay a higher unit price for our products than fast fashion companies, ensuring that we select high quality fabrics (which we have become well-reviewed for) and order in quantities that we are confident will sell out. We design, source and manufacture products in the U.K., Europe and China. We always pay fairly and are confident in the ethical production and factory standards. We have a great working relationship with everyone we work with and regularly check in with their wellbeing.

Once our stock arrives from each location, all of our inventory is managed in the U.K. by our Birmingham-based fulfilment centre where customer orders are picked and packed. We work together closely to ensure we can deliver the best possible service and rectify any order issues swiftly.

What we look for in samples
All of our products are quality checked and sampled in the UK before we make a larger purchase order, to ensure that we are using the best quality and most durable fabrics we can get. We are conscious of choosing styles that are more likely to stand the test of time in your wardrobe and aren't just a quick trend. We aim for a mix of staple styles with a unique twist, comfortable wear, a few stand-out pieces and a few investment pieces. The idea is to help you collate a wardrobe of essential styles that last with wear. If we don't truly love the product, we will not stock it on Wild Peach.

October 2020 Update: We have limited our stock deliveries to 2-4 transglobal shipments per month to greatly lower our carbon footprint, whereas we previously received multiple shipments throughout the month.