All of our packaging is 100% recyclable...but we also made our clothes bags reusable. Why? Because, whilst recycling efforts in the UK are strong, many clothing polybags still do not get recycled by processing plants and end up in landfill.

So to help tackle the polybag crisis, we designed our clothes bags to be stronger so that they can be reused easily and frequently.

We encourage you to reuse your bags for:
A travel wash bag
To put your gym kit in
As a bag within a bag (for tampons, lip balm + other essentials)
For transporting shoes
To store dirty laundry when you are away from home
Tea bags
To organise miscellaneous items in your draws
To protect your fancy clothes
For a wet umbrella

We would love to see how you reuse yours! Message or tag us in your photos on Insta @wildpeachfashion

We are hopeful that the pressure for companies to be more sustainable will lead to a more sustainable polybag solution. For logistics and inventory tracking purposes it is unfortunately not yet feasible for e-commerce brands to remove them entirely.